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  • Elegance is when beauty seems effortless.

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  • Pass the bread. Pour some wine. Tell a good story. Hear a few more.

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  • Moments of joy don’t have to be complicated.

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  • Because entertaining should be entertaining for the host as well.

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  • Our bread is made for breaking.

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at copain,

We believe that life’s greatest moments happen when we take a break from the routine to make time to be together. We exist to help you do more of that.


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Gather with ease

We believe attention to the details brings intention into our lives. With honest care, everything can feel just right. At Copain we carry those beliefs into everything we prepare. In our kitchen, we prefer food that makes you feel good with a style that is understated yet refined.


Gathering around thoughtful food and drink is a powerful and emotional thing; we consider it a form of preservation in this busy world. We exist to help you do more of that with ease.



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